Empty Bottle Ballads

by Pat Egan & The Heavy Hearts

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The Heavy Hearts would like to thank everyone who inspired this album, including our friends in Homesafe, City Mouth, Yeti, Mighty Ships, Movies About Animals, and Whale Bones.
We'd like to give thanks to our friends and families for their support of this band.
We would also love to thank El Gallo for providing delicious Mexican cuisine.

We hope you enjoy!


released September 18, 2015

Patrick Egan - Guitars/Vocals/ Piano on track 5
Damien Arundel - Bass
Matthew Thompson - Drums

Special Guest:

Evan Opitz - Piano and Organ on track 2/ additional vocals on track 5

Nick Navito - Mixing and Mastering

Recorded at the Nook Recording Studio.



all rights reserved


Pat Egan & The Heavy Hearts Chicago, Illinois

Pat Egan & The Heavy Hearts formed in 2015 to bring you indie music that echoes with hooks, passion, and nostalgia. Are you Heavy Hearted?

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Track Name: Negativity
Negativity is clouding my eyes until I felt your love brush against my heart and intertwine.
I've been chained by the weight that's holding me down.
My mutilated dreams are breaking out now.
Lying there on my side my lungs inflate with fear knowing that I'm afraid to try.

She leans in close and whispers in my ear
She says "I'm not giving up; I'm not giving up on you."

Falling down to my knees; straying off the path getting farther from the goals I want to reach.
Filled me up with faith and love, I dwell into a dream guided by the signs I fail to see.
Meet me there at Midnight. The fear just disappears; surrendering as your smile arrives.

She leans in close and whispers in my ear that it's alright.
Track Name: Even After
I miss your iris looking right back into my eyes.
Your city lips that soothe my heart under cotton candy skies.
You bat your lashes like they're waves from the lake that soaks our feet (yeah)
She calmly whispers "close your eyes" only then will you truly see.

Oh I just want to hold you bad.
Oh I just wanna tell you that

I love you.
There's no place that I'd rather be than in your arms next to you.
We can make love last a lifetime, we can make love last.
Even after we are under our graves, my love will remain for you.

Well It'd be nice to find a place with shade to lay for some time.
To just once outrun our demons fun that straddles our minds.
Cause they don't realize my loves tied tight in knots.
And as I hold her we become intertwined.

You found me at the bottom of a well holding onto nothing but a shell of who I was. It haunts me still, but all I had to do was look up at you and loosen my grip.

Even after, even after...
Track Name: Suburban Queen
She bums cigarettes with her gin soaked jeans and her panty hoes,How could I forget last July? Her silhouette echoes inside my head with a hitchhiker thumb and a bunch of blow. Her influence pecks my neck and then it chokes.

It's killing me, her indecisive lack of love for anything that walks and talks, she hates it all. That's why she drinks so heavily on week day nights, to substitute the love she craves but just can't find.

She's a Suburban Queen, tattered and torn splitting at the seams. Her lip stick is faded if you know what I mean. I can't help her out of this.

The night is long and surrounded by the words that bleach the bathroom stall with names that plague the lonely broken hearted boys.
The Queen makes her lovers crawl then struts her poise, dancing to the bar band's song.

She says to me "I'm lonely."
Track Name: Better Tides
This is last call I'm giving out, so one last slug of alcohol to put my feelings down.
your lack of words feed the fire of consistent distaste and loneliness. It's burning higher now.
Under the pressure you've given, I can feel you breaking down; No words needed.
You're unhinged reaction is loaded with ammunition you never said you'd use, now I'm bleeding.

This is the last time I'm leaving. I do hope you find someone else.

I'm not gonna wait
I'm done with screaming your name out loud
I refuse to sink in your ocean; think I'll sail onto better tides.

You stand there as if nothing happened and shrug your shoulders and turn away. The void swallows what we had.
Your shadow of clout is overbearing like a shade of memory; a long lost friend.
I find myself smiling when I say "Remember when?"
And would you say "Do you ever feel the same like I do?"

Last night when I saw you it wasn't easy. It wasn't easy to say "hello"
Track Name: The Misadventure of Being Alive
The truth it hurts, its a tease and flirt
it can be misleading
We soon become the lies we tell ourselves.
Talk is cheap and your words can't keep me from leaving
Cause I don't buy the way you sell yourself.
You had me like nicotine always coming back;
on my gums around my tongue and on my breath.
You're killing me you dig the knife in deep and you don't even know
(Don't even know)
Maybe it's best we forget the the things we love to hate, but what do I know? I don't know anything.

Cause I can't take back what I said to you last year
But I could look past it all if I could finish this beer.
Through it all; the pain, the panic I survived but our friends remain addicts.
I wake to meet the rising sun only to find the clouds begun to pour its storm all over me. It goes on and on and on and on.

Tossing shade that I can't shake or seem to comprehend
you call me out and leave me here to die.
Sit with thoughts that rip and rot my brain to tiny shreds
fall into redundant ways of always asking "Why?"
Track Name: Porch
Warm embrace floods into my soul.
Have you ever caught your breath and felt in your bones?
desperately, anxiously long for your smile.
Cause I can't wait tonight to walk those many moonlit miles with you.

On the porch waiting for the sound of stomping stairs.
Check my breath and forget the rest, I'm a victim to her stare.

Woah, I'm starting to shake underneath you're doorway from my head to my feet.

Her hair hangs low, her skin that shows, she glows like no one else.
in the car under stars we learn about ourselves.
Hips that move, lock and groove, we dance the night away.
Grab her waist cause she's feeling safe, she's a victim to my sway.